Spiral- Myst

Candles, Melts, and More 

Swirling fragrances in the breeze to relax and calm you. Curl up with a good book, your favorite tunes, or sit quietly taking in the beauty of your surroundings. 

Dancing scents to energize and invigorate you while you're working around the house, or planning an exciting night on the town.  

You decide what your day, or night, will be, and set the mood.  

Custom Woodworking Services
Spiral-Myst, offers top-notch custom-built furniture and wood crafts by  Personally designed with you to meet your needs. 
Whether you are searching for unique patterns and configurations, or clean, sharp lines to fit your lifestyle we can help. From elegant and sophisicated to playful and adventurerous, every piece is crafted to be noticed and durable. 

Jym's custom wood creations include, but are not limited to:​​​​​

- Cabinets
- Tables
- Chairs
- Furniture 
- Cutting boards
- Computerized Carvings for inlays
Artistic center pieces or wall art
- Staffs, wands, boxes, candle sticks.....

                                                 let your imagination run wild. 
Jill Ehrenfred Designs
 The desire to design jewelry started many years ago, and I dabbled a bit.  Searching to find the right pieces to match an outfit became daunting, so I'd create the perfect accessories myself. This is something I offer to you as well.   If you  email  a photo of your outfit that you'd like a custom made piece of jewelry for, I'll design for you, based on the styles you like.  Its fun and you get an exclusive original Jill Ehrenfred Design. 

I enjoy the challenge of coming up with creative personalized designs that reflect your personality and compliment your wardrobe, along with my original collections. 
​​​​​​​Individual pieces or Sets; 

- Necklaces
- Bracelets
- Earrings

- Rings
- Anklets

- Hand painted leather ponytail